Human Rights CA Page

Human Rights, Democracy and Peace are closely interrelated. The respect for human rights is a cornerstone of stable democratic environments. Indeed, the pursuit of respect for human rights, and democratic environments, in countries where neither is respected often leads to a period of instability and conflict. Gender, equity, and equality, is also a key factor that requires attention in pursuing stable democratic environments which are rights based. The last decade has seen an increase in efforts to pursue gender equality as part of human rights and democratic processes.

A lesson that has emerged and that is common to all these issues, is that change is slow in coming and that establishing durable peace based on democratic values are processes that are time consuming and complex. Moreover, while much can be learned from history, each process requires solid commitment locally and an ability to adapt lessons learned elsewhere to the local paradigms.

NCG has worldwide experience on human rights interventions, democratic processes, peace and conflict as well as gender. This has given us a broad insight into the complexity found within each one of these fields as well as on how they interact with each other.

NCG offers, among others, the following services within the field of human rights, democracy, peace and gender:

• Review of, and support to, formulation of sector policies, plans, programmes and projects on human rights interventions, good governance, gender responsive governance, gender equality, and multiple efforts designed to consolidate peace processes.

• Studies, assessments and evaluations of interventions in the fields of human rights, good governance, gender responsive governance, gender equality, and peace process consolidation efforts including disarmament and demobilisation interventions.

• Capacity development on good practices on human rights, governance, and gender responsive governance.