Svein Jørgensen

Svein Jørgensen


Key Qualifications

Svein Jørgensen is an economist with 40 years of experience from consulting work in developing countries. He has worked in 35 countries and in all sectors, most often as Team Leader. In particular and for more than 25 years he has worked for the Norwegian Space Centre with the use of satellite data in Earth observations. He has extensive experience in development studies, evaluations, reviews and appraisals of international cooperation projects in all sectors, and in particular with private sector development, vocational education, environment and climate change.



  • Economist (MBA) from Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration
  • German State Scholarship in Regional Economics
  • Scholarship Institute of Transport Economics
  • Scholarship Salzburg Seminar in Urban Planning




Thematic experienceTechnical Experience
• Private sector develepment • Project formulations
• Earth observations • Appraisals
• Voational training • Reviews/evaluations
• Environment and climate change • Cost-benefit analysis


Country experience

Albania, Angola, Australia, Bhutan, Bosnia, Brasil, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Fiji, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Iceland, India, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kosovo, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malawi, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Norway, Paraguay, Rwanda, Russia, South Africa, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Vietnam, Zambia




Language Reading Speaking Writing
English Fluent Fluent Fluent
Norwegian Native Native Native
German Fluent Intermediate Intermediate
Portoguese Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate